Dump Fees for Contractors

  • Pick-up or small trailer - $15.00
  • 16’ dump trailer or truck - $30.00
  • Semitrailer - $50.00
  • After-hour dumps - additional fee of $50.00 per dump (call to arrange)


  • All loads must be covered & secured while being  transported to the landfill
  • All metal must be separated and placed in the metal disposal pile
  • Plastic wrappers must be separated and placed in a separate bag
  • Contain NO household waste

In the event of rain, some additional restrictions may apply. Contact us if mud conditions occur before dumping.


Household E-Waste Disposal

The following items are the only e-waste that will be collected at the landfill: 

Audio/Visual: VCR/DVD's A/V = stereos, projectors, camcorders, speaker, radios, tape recorders, game consoles (PS2, etc.).

Phones: cell phones/PDA's, answering machines, all other phones.

Computers: whole desktop, CRT monitor, laptop, all computer peripheral (external drives, CD drives, cords, any add-ons, printer/fax/scanner, keyboard/mice).

TV's: CRT TV's, LCD's, others

Small Appliance / Office Equipment: micowaves, calculators, toner cartridges, ink jet cartridges, large copiers, desktop copiers, loose circuit boards


Household Hazardous Waste

PAINT & Other Household Hazardous Waste Items: The items must have a label and must be identifiable.

Contact landfill with questions about disposal.  


Roll-off Box

We no longer have a roll-off box available for public or commercial use.


Additional Landfill Fees

  • Passenger/ Light Truck Tires - $4.00 ea.
    • With Rims - $8.00 ea.
  • Medium Truck Tires - $11.00 ea.
    • With Rims - $21.00 ea.
  • Tractor Tires - $31.00 ea.
    • With Rims - $61.00 ea.
  • Floater/Combine - $51.00 ea.
    • With Rims - $101.00 ea. 

No-Longer Accepting Ag-Bags