Functions and Duties

  • Assisting the general public with questions that they have in regards to the Smith County Register of Deeds Office.   
  • Those individuals appearing in the Smith County office or those inquiring by:  
    • Phone
    • Mail
    • E-mail
    • Fax
  • Collecting fees required to be paid to the Smith County Register of Deeds Office for: 
    • Recording Fees
    • Mortgage Registration Fees
    • Other services that are provided
  • Accounting for and adequately safeguarding all funds collected and deposited to the Smith County Treasurers' office. 
  • Recording transactions to:
    • Journals
    • Ledgers
    • Permanent records
    • Computer Records
  • Assisting in preparation and mailing of correspondence.


Our Pledge is:

"To serve the public and preserve the records of all real estate and related transactions with professionalism and courtesy to all our constituents".