It is an honor to serve the citizens of my county and to be a member of the Kansas County Treasurers' Association.  I willingly and voluntarily pledge to uphold the following code of ethics:

  • Safeguard the county's assets entrusted to me with diligence and caution for the best use in the public's interest. 
  • Keep confidential any information received in an official capacity while maintaining the publics right to access information. 
  • Treat others with courtesy and show respect for the dignity of others in all public relationships with other elected officials, appointed officials, employees, citizens, members of the media, and representatives of other governmental entities. 
  • Strive to remember that whether in competition with my fellow public officials, or in an election contest it is not necessary to demean another in order to be true to myself. 
  • Exert a good faith effort to communicate the full truth about office matters and avoid structuring information so as to mislead others or gain personal advantage. 
  • Actively seek opportunities to develop skills and acquire knowledge in order to perform my duties more effectively. 
  • Make all personnel decisions on the basis of merit, not favoritism. 
  • Advocate and encourage my employees to develop skills, acquire knowledge, and adopt practices that promote efficient, effective and ethical services. 
  • Be impartial when dealing with the public and employees; and, promote business practices that contribute to the public perception of impartial decisions. 
  • Make decisions free from the influence of family members, private business and other personal relationships. 
  • Avoid the appearance of impropriety. 
  • Be accountable and accept responsibility for my conduct.

I willingly acknowledge that when I accepted this office, I became a true servant of the people of my county, my state, and my country.

Job Descriptions

Deputy Treasurer

Office Clerk